Breaking Down the Basics: How New Technology Like AI is Transforming the Franchise Marketing Space

As featured on the IFA’s Wednesdaywise Webinar 10/2/19

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Consumer AI

If I’m a brand, why should I care about AI in the business world?

55% of CMOs expect AI to have a greater impact on marketing than social media ever had.

In today’s world, there is just to much data to expect a human to optimize your media spend on a daily business — especially across hundreds or thousands of locations. Given this dynamic, some brands just focus on social media, paid search, or storytelling in video environments like YouTube. But why pay for media that is not converting for you?

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What else are CMOs saying about AI?

→ Is the company you are evaluating a technology, agency, or consulting firm?

→ What is the company’s main focus? What are the background of the founders and/or executive team?

→ Is the AI visible? You can’t just say you have AI…

→ What’s the method of your AI technology?

→ Who created the algorithm, what is their background?

Be careful of AI marketing positioning + VAPORWARE.

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